The indyPlatform

Extensible, Scalable, Cloud-ready


Robust architecture with an Eventing Framework allows for simple customization with minimal code changes A modular platform comprising indyPayments and indyLoans, both integrated with indyWallets

An agile, cloud-enabled platform with stress-free portability

An open build enabling multiple user journeys and non-traditional functionality

Scale beyond the limits of your backend applications

Utilize APIs to seamlessly integrate with third party platforms

Mobile Apps

An extensible platform that can be tailored to suit your needs

An open and flexible architecture allows the indyPlatform to easily integrate into your current ecosystem.
With rapid customization, it can be teamed up with a variety of mobile apps to effortlessly support Closed User Groups concepts providing them with a physical card, a virtual card and an app.
The indyPlatform currently has out-of-the-box provisions to support some user groups

Focus on growing your business.

Let indyFint handle your fintech challenges.