Our Solutions

Our software promises to not only extend your brand and
expand your revenue stream, but also reduce customer churn.

Product highlights

Our solution is built on solid fundamentals that enable harmonious global deployment with infallible accuracy. Post implementation, the platform delivers reliable, safe, and easy operations across multiple channels

Reliable Backend

The Processing platform embodies various back-end functions and logic to drive payments. Based on a Java2 Enterprise Edition(J2EE) foundation and supported by a highly reliable Oracle Real Application Cluster(RAC) database environment, the indyFint platform includes services such as Know Your Customer(KYC), Fee Engine, Velocity Limits, Reporting and various adapters to financial institutions and payment networks.

Secured Open APIs

The open APIs with high security promise secured encryption to prevent fraud (through hardware security modules), multi factor authentication and a variety of processes to deliver a PCI/SAS compliant technology platform that meets the highest standards and best practices of the payments industry. Developers can leverage the open APIs to create and deploy indyFint ‘widgets’ easily. Moreover the ‘Deploy once – run global’ model offers economies of scale for payment initiatives and a single core platform for powering ‘Carrier-Money’ and customized partner deployments in a multi-country, multilingual environment.

Seamless Transactions

The payment services layer seamlessly processes transactions, settlements and reconciliations while supporting other essential business services such as credit and debit and balances. Additionally it also provides a wide set of client interfaces that sit on top of the payment services layer. These interfaces include SIM chip based devices along with sophisticated offerings that support the major carrier platforms – CDMA and GSM

Multi Financial Instruments

The Account Model supports transactions from bank accounts, stored value accounts or cards, ensuring the widest possible operating latitude. It also allows loading and unloading of funds from multiple sources such as cash, bank accounts or cards. Moreover, this is possible in both real-time and non-real time configurations, depending on the supported settlement cycles.

Benefits To The Service Provider

Launch the indyFint platform under your brand name to extend your brand’s visibility
Trigger viral customer acquisitions with our highly user-friendly mobile app

Break new ground in expanding market share without additional capital investment

Benefits To The End User

Feature rich platform that converts your mobile into your wallet

Safe, convenient and simple to use

Widely accepted and accessible from anywhere

Focus on growing your business.

Let indyFint handle your mobile money challenges.

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