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Mobile Payment Solutions

An array of money management services under a
single white-labeled mobile payment platform

As a service provider/bank/retailer, you benefit by offering these services to your customers, under your brand name.

Core Features

Digital Wallet

indyFint’s digital wallet is a virtual wallet. It stores all your wallet contents in a digitized form and allows easy payments and other money transactions. The wallets can hold not only money but also coupons, loyalty points, stored value cards and membership cards.

Cardless ATM

The indyFint product enables cardless ATM cash withdrawals by customers. Eliminating the card lowers the issue-related costs of cards for banks. It also generates a new channel of revenue from ATM transactions.

Airtime TopUp

Customers can top up mobile airtime for themselves or their family members directly from the phone, in real time and across carriers and handsets. This feature also helps extend your network with banks, carriers and retailers, opening up new opportunities for engagement.

Biller/Merchant Payments

Anyone, be it an individual or a business, can receive money instantly and electronically. With apps supported by tools like payment buttons and payment links for emails or email invoices, sellers now have many more options to receive money in addition to the traditional checks and cash.

Group Savings Accounts

The platform offers savings account services and enables interest payment on deposits to individuals forming savings groups. A savings group is a transparent, community-based and self-managed group of individuals formed to help save money either for individual or community purposes.

Open/Closed Loop Cards

Open loop card payments enable payments at establishments that accept contactless payments using the card as a linked card. Closed loop payments draw funds from a pre-loaded spending account. Our solution enables use of both open and closed loop cards.

Family Money

Our solution makes possible the frequent transfer transactions common between family members – instantly, easily and safely. Family members can receive money into their stored value account, bank account or even create a personalized prepaid card. Also available is a tracking feature that allows monitoring how the money is spent.


Our validated and regulation-compliant mobile person-to-person (P2P) payment feature makes money transfer transactions between two individuals easy, quick and safe. Just the receiver’s number is adequate to make a payment. What’s more, the payee need not even be a registered user of the services.

International Remittance

indyFint’s mobile solution integrates seamlessly with any money transfer agency, enabling hassle-free international remittances into customers’ SVA accounts. A customer facing channel/website facilitates international remittances while unregistered customers can transfer funds to registered overseas beneficiaries through an authorized MTA.

Savings Accounts

The savings account feature allows the creation of a customized interest payment plan based on specific interest and tax rates. With our platform, you can set up unique interest accrual and processing schemes for each programme besides setting up unique interest rates, provide marginal add-on on base interest rates during offer periods and set up fixed or tiered interest rates

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